Buying in Rossmoor

I love Rossmoor and focus on keeping informed about current Real Estate availability. Rossmoor is more than a retirement community, it is an award winning, adult community, filled with vibrant adults.

Buying a home always comes with the same thoughts:

How long will it take? Depending of your personal needs, finding the right home in Rossmoor could happen quickly or you may wish to take your time and wait until the “right” one is available.

I will listen closely to your wants and needs and help you prioritize them:

  1. Are you looking for a condo or a co-op. I can explain the differences, pros and cons.
  2. I’ll have you list your priorities such as:
    • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
    • Level-in entry or some stairs
    • View and exposure
    • Proximity to amenities
    • Which things are wants and which are needs
    • Date you need to move

The more specialized your needs are, the longer it may take for the right property to be available. Be patient. I have friends who live within Rossmoor and I will be asking around.

Will you pay the lowest price possible? I promise that I will negotiate in your best interest to arrive at your goal of paying the least amount possible. Remember that the desire of all sellers is to receive the highest possible price. Our goal should always be for what is fair, at the same time I will never compromise your best interest.

I also have the ability to visualize real potential in a property that maybe hasn’t made a good first impression. If it is only cosmetic, chances are there are others who have overlooked it as well. These properties can usually be purchased for less money. I can help you coordinate workmen who can create the features you want and in a timely fashion.

In today’s market, knowledge of technology is a real advantage for you. I incorporate the latest technology and am always learning so that I can serve you better. You can be updated daily about new Rossmoor listings on the MLS. CLICK HERE and just fill in your name and email address and what your needs are. The easiest way is just to email me and I will gladly do it for you. The zip code for Rossmoor is 94595 and you would select ‘condo’.

I am able to help with the listing, marketing, and sale of your present home and to coordinate the dates of both transactions. Any Real Estate Agent that you choose should be available to help with all phases of your Real Estate needs.

Whomever you choose, I wish you the best. I would consider it an honor to work with you personally, to fulfill your goals of buying your next home, and perhaps to help with the sale of your present home. Please feel free to call or email me. I am at your service!