3572 Eris Ct Market Analysis


This is a private link on my website and no one has access to it except you or someone you share it with. Normally I would print and bind all material, but with Covid, regulations are for not handling paper. I am glad to do it if you wish. 

Below is information about me, my experience and a detailed marketing plan, with options. Clearly it is a different world with Covid-19 restrictions and precautions in place.

Covid COMPASS General Marketing Plan 7.14..2020

Market Analysis Link Below with photos and information about other properties in Northgate that are most similar to yours.  Your home is larger than many. I am not including homes that are considerably smaller than yours, even if they were a recent sale. 


The Market Trends below are for homes between 3,200 and 4,000 sq ft, 4bed+ and all in 94598. They show trends for the past year and trends going back 15 years quarterly.

1 Year Monthly Market Trends

15 Year Quarterly Market Trends

As a comparison, because you asked about 2547 Chinook, is the Market Trend for smaller homes than yours. Price per sqft is usually higher on single level homes, but any price also includes upgrades, size of lot and whether it has a pool or solar.

1 Year Monthly Trends Smaller Homes

I am also attaching your tax records. 

3572 Eris Ct Tax Records